About ISeeTeachers

ISeeTeachers is one of the leading privately-owned educational recruitment companies located in Shanghai China. Founded in 2008, ISeeTeachers is staffed by professionals and has placed thousands of teachers in China. For over 13 years, our mission has been uniquely focused on helping foreign teachers to connect with the great schools across China. We have all types of vacancies for teaching positions in different cities, so if you prefer the fast-paced city life like Shanghai or want to be immersed in the more traditional culture of a smaller city, we have the position for you.

Since 2008, we have placed more than three thousand teachers from different countries for schools across China; and have helped them to start their teaching career in China. We recruit for various schools such as day care centers, preschools, kindergartens, primary schools, high schools and universities. They are either international or bilingual schools with an international working environment. Most of the schools have a thorough understanding of foreign cultures, thereby avoiding and potential cultural barriers between the schools and the teachers. A great school is a strong platform whereby the teacher can deliver their excellence; spread their knowledge and benefit the students.

Our mission

ISeeTeacher was founded with the mission of helping foreign teachers to find their desired teaching jobs, and helping schools to create an international educational environment with the placement of seasoned and committed teachers in China. We will improve a domestic teaching environment by placing  teachers to the schools that they can trust and believe in and assist them to begin their educational adventure and enjoy their teaching career in China. Meanwhile, we will provide schools with committed, thoughtful teachers who will always maintain the highest standards of learning and the passion of teaching.

The Requirements of Teaching in China

There is a great demand in many schools to recruit and hire foreign teachers in China. There are different requirements with the various schools either with the length of a teacher’s experience or in qualifications and education background.

Teaching English in China at training centers and bilingual kindergartens

Generally, the minimum requirements to secure a job in a private language school in China, includes a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL/TESOL Diploma Two-year Teaching experience, while preferred by certain employers, is not strictly required.

Teaching in China at international schools

There are not only English Language teaching vacancies but also courses in specific subject areas at international schools in China. For teachers looking to teach at an international school in China, qualified candidates should hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education, Linguistics or related area. If a teacher wants to apply for a subject teaching position, one must major in the the subject, have two years experience teaching in that course and a teaching  license issued by the applicant's home State.

If you have any questions about finding teaching job vacancies, please feel free to contact us by our email: